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34 year old fangirl of, among other things, pacific rim, vikings, marvel movies, game of thrones and strike back.

mostly it's about pacific rim: becketcest, hansencest, any combination of beckets and hansens. ;) very occasional herc/mako/raleigh as well, if prodded for it.

ot3 + touch

What a lovely set of gifs :)

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don’t mind me, just going through a really old xhd. :)

don’t mind me, just going through a really old xhd. :)

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We had our Summer Gala today, the first time it’s happened for a few years.  Entered our dog into the ‘open class’ part of the dog show, and she came away with a 1st place rosette. :)  

There was supposed to be a cake stall, but the person running it decided they didn’t want to do it, so… no cakes.  Which is one of the things people go to the Gala for, in my experience.  Decided we’ll offer to do it next year, have a good baking session.  Speaking of, I made cinnamon treacle cookies yesterday and they are *good.*

Feel like I’ve kind of fallen off the map a bit.  Feeling underwhelmed about certain things.  Sad about other things.  So yesterday’s baking and today’s little triumph were sorely needed.

libertinem replied to your link “Out of the Blue, Chapter One”

You can totally embed it if you want to! Just use the rich text editor and plug in the image URL!

Done! Thanks, honey! It’s gorgeous and I want everyone to see it :)


Chapter one of the Circus AU for the Pacific Rim Rarepair Big Bang…

I don’t know what to say about it.  Except that there it is.  And I’ve had to do it in chapters because there are a couple of things I’m *still* wrestling with, even now.  So I’m sorry about that, but hey. Please go and check out the gorgeous, beautiful art that libertinem did for it. It’s here.

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