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34 year old fangirl of, among other things, pacific rim, vikings, marvel movies, game of thrones and strike back.

mostly it's about pacific rim: becketcest, hansencest, any combination of beckets and hansens. ;) very occasional herc/mako/raleigh as well, if prodded for it.

selkie3 replied to your post “Well, Guardians of the Galaxy is still showing at my local, so I think…”

I say it’s time to see GotG again! And all the dog snuggles as well! I’m so sorry. *hugs*

Oh it so is… I thought it had left the theatres but my sister said today it’s still showing, and at just the right time for us to go. So I think it’s fate. 

Dog snuggles are the *best*.

azilver replied to your post “So, Herc and Chuck open up a coffee shop (hi cannibaliza) close to the…”

sounds good! can go many hansencesty ways :D

I might get something written of it tomorrow… way too tired tonight, and headed for sleep in about five minutes. But yes, definitely. 

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I wish I had further distraction ideas for you… Perhaps animal transformation to go full out trope-y? And that puppy is lethally cute.

Oh, I have a few pages of a wolfy-thing somewhere… in my WIP folder, most likely. Might be one to dig back out again… Puppies are the best.


I’m off to watch the Bake Off.  Anyone else watching this?

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So, Herc and Chuck open up a coffee shop (hi cannibaliza) close to the beach and call it (completely imaginatively), Hansen’s.  It’s a kind of ‘f*ck you’ to something that happened that almost took Chuck’s life. (It’s an AU, and I like that detail and how it affects the relationship between them.)  So because I like to include Scott, I think he took off right after the incident, for whatever reason - maybe he was involved somehow, or blames himself because he thinks he had more to do with it than he did… (still fine-tuning details)

So Herc and Chuck are happily running this little shop together, carrying on their extremely secretive affair when the sign on the door gets flipped to ‘closed’.

Then Scott shows up.

And that’s as far as I got.

Also today, I wrote plans for further parts of the Herc/Yancy/Scott/Raleigh thing (thanks azilver), and hope to be awake enough this weekend to put another chapter of the Circus fic up. Phew!

And maybe a drabble or two in between all of that, if anyone has any requests.

It’s all excellent distraction for me, so please feel free to abuse my inbox.

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azilver replied to your post “Well, Guardians of the Galaxy is still showing at my local, so I think…”

oh hun, *hugs* take it easy and get all the pick-me-ups you want.

Thank you again for the lovely drabble by the way. Much appreciated, and utterly gorgeous. My pick-me-ups are usually a nice cup of tea, something good to read or watch, and cuddles with the dog, so I’m doing quite well on those so far.  

mixkstyle replied to your post “[[MOR]I’ve written nothing today, even though I had every intention…”

Oh God, how did I miss this. I am so sorry for your loss :( *hugs*

*hugs back* It’s okay, I miss loads of things on here! It was just a big shock on Monday, I think because we’d only seen her on Saturday and she was absolutely fine… she’d never really been ill, as such - I think the only time she’d spent in hospital of late was when she fell and broke her foot, but even then she was itching to get back home and up and about again! I’m pleased for her sake that it was so quick, I suppose, I know she would have hated to be ill in hospital for any length of time… Well, anyway.  Thank you, honey. x

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Well, Guardians of the Galaxy is still showing at my local, so I think that’s on the agenda for a weekend pick-me-up.  Needed, after this week.  Dog’s been suitably cuddly, at least, and work was much busier today so it kept my mind occupied.

Hopefully I’ll know soon when Nana’s funeral will be.  I forgot to say before, but thank you for the condolences. *hugs*

Completely unrelated, I jotted down some fic ideas today in a notebook since I forgot my tab for my usual lunchtime game of scrabble… might write a bit later, unless I fall asleep after the Great British Bake Off.

Listening to tracks from an old hard drive - I do have this CD somewhere, just not sure where at the moment…


for driftingwolf who needed a pick-me-up *hugs*

for the hickies prompt

They push and pull at each other, push as close as they can get and pull the other in until there isn’t even space to breathe in the their small bunk. And still it will never be close enough- how could it be after…

Thanks, honey. This is perfect from beginning to end, I love it.


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yesssss oh my god do it do it do it

I’m going to! Would have done a little something today but was wiped out from the past week and mostly just stared at stuff. :\ But yeah! I will.